Mar 28 • 39M

S4E1: How do social factors influence scientific evaluation? Interview with Misha Teplitskiy

Interview with Misha Teplitskiy, Assistant Professor of Information at the University of Michigan. Part of Season 4 of Untold Health, all about meta-science.

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Mark P. Khurana
This is Untold Health, a podcast where we explore topics within the field of health that are significant, but overlooked. Hosted by Mark Khurana.
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Meta-science is primarily concerned with how science itself is conducted, looking at all the various factors that influence what we choose to study, how the publishing world works, and how social structures in the research world influence the research we produce. So in season 4 of Untold Health, I’ll be interviewing experts in the field to create a picture of how the research world works, the flaws inherent in the system, and potential solutions to improve biomedical research for the greater good.