What is Untold Health, and why subscribe?

Untold Health is a podcast I started in 2019 to investigate areas of health that are significant but overlooked. It led me to investigate topics spanning from HIV in Ukraine to the role of design in health - all of which are available here on the Substack or on Apple Podcasts/Spotify! While it’s been on a hiatus, this Substack is a revival of Untold Health - both as a podcast but also as a written reflection on untold health topics. These podcasts and essays might include discussions about topics that didn’t make my book (The Trajectory of Discovery), funny historical quirks in healthcare, and perhaps some philosophical reflections on health more broadly. This hybrid approach hopefully provides some variety for you, the reader/listener, but also allows me to experiment with some different topics and formats!

Concretely, I’ll be posting at least one written essay or podcast episode (with transcription) a month, which I’ll share through monthly newsletters! In time, I also hope to get others to share their thoughts on the Untold Health Substack, but newsletters will be available at least once a month.

Anyways, I hope you’ll sign up to the newsletter - and I look forward to sharing some fascinating untold health stories in the near future!

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Exploring topics within health that are significant but overlooked.


Mark P. Khurana

Medical doctor, epidemiologist, and author of "The Trajectory of Discovery".